“Kingdom quest” Summer camp 2011

It has always been my heart’s desire to let the children of my hometown experience Camp Sonshine.After so many years of praying God has finally opened the way to minister to the kids at Cadiz.

Last april 19-22 2011 with only a team of ten, we trained and led the first camp at Cadiz city with the help of World International Ministry Church. We had 20 trained camp counselors and around a 97 campers for two and a half days. It was an amazing time for the kids and it was refreshing for us counselors.










The Lord really reminded us why we do these things.There was an amazing break through in the lives of our kids and even in our lives as counselors. Children accepted the Lord Jesus and lots of kids were set free from bondage. God is really great and we are excited for what is to come for the kids in Cadiz.



Week of Fun and Thanksgiving

We started to plan our december activity for kids and Mom’s,Jot down things to be done and stuff,prices,christmas tree contest.The only thing is,we dont have a budget.All of us started to pray and laying it all to God.

Right on that day,people calling,sending emails,sending boxes of toys from other country,old clothes,local churches sending support,and even giving hundreds of fresh fish.I was so pumped up and was so very excited to start and to see people that through a 1 week of giving will change their lives,to let them see also that God loves them beacause of their faithfullness and faith in HIM…..We Love You LORD….thank you…

Christmas of Blessings

When was the last time someone did something that made you happy? I ask, because a simple way to be happy is to make someone else happy. With our busy lifestyles it is easy to forget to be kind and generous to others. Just last December, there are many organizations that help reached out and willing to help those in need and one of this is Living Arrows Resource Center at Pavia. This organization were able to provide help to some of the Camp Sonshine families.

Help including food, clothing and possibly a small gift for the children of these unfortunate families. Christmas is a merry time where people celebrate with the loved ones in their lives. It is indeed a time of year where everyone gets together. Although this festive season is meant to be an exciting and beautiful time, for many people it is a difficult and trying time for many reasons, but at LARC they made all things possible to reach out and share what they have to each of the families represented. It was in fact, a wonderful act of kindness. It was so unexpected that I will certainly never forget it. Those family had no ulterior motives or expected nothing in return. Happiness like laughter can be contagious…and that was what I saw in each of the families

The Good Soil

For two months, I asked God what He wanted to do as a project that will contribute to the
Mom’s and youth here at the center.I started the plan b letting everyone understand.So we invited a person from the Department of Agriculture to train us.

Two days after the training we started to build the garden.Knowing  that we had a limited area for cultivation, wedevised a garden set-up that required less space. Our garden is the lifted kind.

We didn’t directly cultivate on the ground but we created elevation by mounting pipes as bases. We now have one set-up made as a start and we are praying to have more.We will also install fences around to safekeep the garden.

Now we are waiting fo God’s bountiful harvest!

Create in me a clean HEART

Last June 26, I was incharge of the lesson for the kids club.My lesson is about the Heart,all about hearts.We did made a heart in their name tags,we did praise songs with heart actions steps.The title of my lesson was GOD FORGIVES  YOU AND CLEANSES YOU.

Its the story were King David sinned against God,and he prayed this prayer found in Psalms 51.I combined my lesson with a craft wherein i showed the kids how God cleanses our heart,writing all our sins inside the 2 heart shape cardboard,then cut it inside so that the sins would be cut off,then stapled both and paste a colored celophane so that they could have a sunglass.

Summer Camp 2010-Funtastic Farm

Summer is complete, and I am so blessed with what God has done with our camp season. This summer we had the theme: Funtastic Farm – focusing on growing in the knowledge and love of God. I had the privilege to be one of the lead characters in the skit being a scarecrow named Mickey. He helps a boy Santimo in discovering how to make a tree grow and bear good fruit. It is such a an amazing sight to see children coming to the Lord, knowing more about Him, and accepting Him as their personal Lord and Saviour.

We had 10 camps this year all over Panay Island. We held our first camp at the center with 130 kids. The same week we went to Leganes, a 30 minute jeepney ride from town to do an outreach camp for 60 kids. It was our first time in Leganes, and the kids loved camp, especially the water games. Compassion kids ministry was our third camp,and to my surprise, some of the kids in Compassion don’t belong to a family,rejected by their parents, and sexually abused or abandoned.

Our fourth camp involved 5 churches in Antique. There was a kid in Antique that touched my heart. I saw him with a chest scar over his heart, so I approached his mother and asked what happened to him. His mother told me that he has congenital heart disease. It struck me that even in his early childhood he had already went under so much pain in his body and even more to his parents. During camp however, I saw his face light with joy as he danced, sung and learned about Jesus. It’s as if all the pain in his heart was completely wiped of his face.

For 4 years, the Ignite a Movement (IAM) team has been ministering to the Ilonggo youth here in the city. This year’s theme was RESOLUTION – the state of being “resolute” which means firm in purpose and belief, or firm, unyielding, determined. This was the most awaited event of every youth in churches here in Iloilo. Every night hundreds of youth came and had their first encounter with the Lord. Previous years, the IAM team came with over 30 people from the USA. This year however, the IAM staff was localized having only 2 Americans assisting with the event. A large number of local churches were involved in ministering to the Ilonggo youth giving a sense of ownership, and responsibility to the local ministers in the area.

IAM is a 5-day camp and every night during the sessions lots of new believers came and accepted Jesus Christ in their lives. They conducted New Believer Classes during the afternoons and, as a youth coordinator here at Camp Sonshine, I was glad to bring my youth group to the event. Some of them brought their friends and they accepted Jesus as their personal Lord and Saviour.

It was a blessed experience for me to be able to be used as an instrument in the lives of the children and the youth of Panay. I am grateful for you all being my partners and supporters in prayer and finances. Thank you for praying for me, and the numerous youth and children from our summer camps who have decided to grow in Christ.

Guimaras-Roxas Camp 2009

October 27-30,2009

Prayers, skit practice,crafts, carnival stuffs, discovery show materials are some of the things that was prepared for the GUIMARAS-ROXAS CAMP 2009. We also had a team from Washington D.C. who teamed with us to make these events possible. Once we meet the  team there was an instant bonding formed between  us. God’s presence made the two teams feel like a family. As soon as everyone arrived at the center, we started rehearsals right away. The Dc team was incharge of the story skit in the discovery show. Needless to say,everyone was very busy.

Guimaras,Iloilo city

A wonderful place with awesome kids and counselors.Once we engaged with them we saw the excitement and Joy in their eyes. Indeed God was preparing the harvest for us. The contact church was headed by Pstr. Gil Ismael.It was their first time to have this kind of kid’s camp in their new church site.All of the things needed has been arranged for us. Even the stage was especially built for our DISCOVERY SHOW, a camp activity highlight which presents the story or lessons to the kids.The story is about the Mad scientist, named DR. DOM,who wanted to build a being that will worship God with all its parts.Another character in the story was IGOR that’s played by me.Igor is a hunchback that has a negative attitude but despite of it all, the doctor sees a sense of goodness in him.As the story progresses, Igor is slowly changed into a betterperson.The first body part formed/assembled was the HEART followed by the MOUTH,the EYES,the HANDS,and the FEET.In the end the experiment was successfully completed.Since it was designed to worship God with all its parts, the being, named Sonny, was gentle and non-harmful.

Roxas City November 1-4,2009

3 hrs away from Iloilo city ,We just had one day to prepare for our Roxas City camp,still we managed to complete all the stuff needed, by God’s grace.As soon as we arrived in Roxas, we conducted a leadership training with a special guest Ptr. Rey Calusay, the General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God in the Philippines.He shared to us the importance of children in the church and the constant need for children’s ministry workers.It was really insightful and refreshing.We had the same routine during the Guimaras camp but Roxas camp was more challenging because the kids were double in number and we had alimited amount of time prompting us to compress 3 lessons on the last day. As always, it is bittersweet for me when camps are over.Part of me says “Praise God everything’s over” but at the same time I know i would surely miss the kids and counselors we spent time with.I am however comforted by the fact that it is all in God’s hands and I’m pretty sure that I’ll see them in heaven someday. We have done what we came to do and that is to plant the seed of life in the hearts of the kids.My desire is that all of them will truly
worship God with all their parts.